10 Reasons why My Hero Academia is one of the best anime of all time – Review

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular and well-liked shonen anime series of the contemporary era, with many fans considering it the best current anime of any genre. While the term “greatest” anime is contentious among anime fans, powerhouse programs such as My Hero Academia are strong contenders for the top spot for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them:


1O: A really good cast

While some anime series focus solely on the lead, which is an effective storytelling technique, some of the best anime series, such as One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, contain a diverse cast of heroes that viewers can root for or relate to.

My Hero Academia has one of the best casts of characters ever seen in anime, and the ensemble cast adds to the appeal for anime viewers. Everyone in Class 1-A has the potential to be a favourite figure or role model for someone.


9: The School Life Genre

While some anime viewers may be tired of the school life theme, other anime programmes serve to revitalise the formula and make school fun again. Kakegurui and Food Wars! are two recent shonen anime that do this effectively, but My Hero Academia is on another level entirely.

The U.A. school, which isn’t just a high school, but also a training camp for student heroes and, by now, a little city unto itself, gives the all-too-familiar school setting a complete makeover.


8: Movies tie into The Main Plot well

Most long anime series have a few spin-off films, and One Piece has at least 15. Anime movies are, in the end, optional spinoffs that aren’t necessary to comprehend the larger plot, but My Hero Academia goes above and beyond to make its films feel more meaningful.

Bonus scenes or dialogue in My Hero Academia frequently nod to these films, usually in brief filler segments to provide an on-ramp to the three MHA films. This gives the films a stronger sense of connection to the main series.


7: Right Power Scaling

Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist, has perfected the shonen power scaling formula, with a few small exceptions. He rarely uses cheap gimmicks like “the power of friendship” from Fairy Tail or infinite deus ex machina to acquire a power boost out of nowhere. Izuku has earned every ounce of his power.

In fact, simply to gain the One For All Quirk, much alone realize its potential, Izuku had to train for a year. He’s more akin to a young boxer learning the ropes and winning well-deserved victories over stronger opponents.


6: Relevant Commentary about Discrimination

Like political cartoons and stand-up comedy, works of fiction and anime are fantastic ways to provide cutting comments about society, politics, and other serious themes. My Hero Academia is one of several anime programmes that provide intelligent analysis or critique on modern society.

My Hero Academia includes a few harsh words for today’s concerns in Japanese society, as well as more universal issues like discrimination and isolation. Many people feel invisible and unwelcome in society, and shunned villains like the reptilian Spinner aptly encapsulate that feeling.


5: Heroes Lose or Fail in Impactful ways

In general, action heroes tend to win while villains will inevitably lose in the end. Still, that’s no reason for the heroes to have it easy, and My Hero Academia really puts its Pro Heroes through the wringer. Other series such as Bleach and Fairy Tail seems reluctant to permanently injure or kill off their heroes, but not MHA.

My Hero Academia cranks up the tension by depicting seemingly invincible Pro Heroes suffering debilitating injuries, losing their quirks, or even losing their lives. All Might is losing his power due to that injury All For One gave him and Mirio Togata lost his quirk fighting Overhaul while Sir Nighteye lost his life.


4: Story Arcs are Concise

Any anime series with more than 12 episodes will have several story arcs, each of which is its own story with its own cast of characters, conflict, stakes, and themes. Some anime series, such as Fairy Tail’s Grand Magic Games competition arc and Bleach’s Fake Karakura Town arc, are notorious for marathon-length plot arcs that may test viewers’ patience.

My Hero Academia, on the other hand, keeps its story arcs short and sweet, cramming a lot of plot twists and character arcs into a surprisingly small amount of time. This is effective storytelling, allowing MHA to include more plot arcs without being bloated.


3: Great Humour

There are many of other modern anime programmes with good humour, like as Demon Slayer’s “smol Nezuko” antics, but My Hero Academia’s comic relief is now the finest. The anime’s comedy is witty but not offensive, and it frequently serves as a vehicle for small character development.

Fans of My Hero Academia can’t get enough of Izuku and Ochaco avoiding one other. The humorous remarks of Class 1-A’s personalities reveal a lot about them and the people around them. The humour is delightful, but not excessive, and it does not overshadow the serious scenes.


2: Amazing Soundtrack

Many films and television shows are known for their great soundtracks, and some OSTs and theme songs, such as Star Wars’ main title theme, are simply legendary. Meanwhile, My Hero Academia has one of the top OSTs in the anime world.

The soundtrack for My Hero Academia features dozens of excellent and memorable songs that flawlessly portray the right emotions and mood for any moment, from tension and terror to comedy, exhilarating action, and sorrow. Even without lyrics, the tune “You Say Run” is an instant classic that can make anyone feel like a true hero.


1: A Timeless setting

It’s unclear what year My Hero Academia takes set in, but based on the language and historical events, it appears to be several decades in the future, possibly around the year 2100. The story of My Hero Academia benefits from the uncertainty.

The world will always require heroes to protect it from devastation and villainy, no matter what year or decade it is, and the battle between good and evil is ageless. The principles Izuku learns in the future scenario of My Hero Academia are universal, making this anime incredibly applicable to any viewer. Its message will stand the test of time.

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