3 Idiots and why it is amazing – Movie Review


Students Farhan and Raju enrol at Delhi’s famous Imperial College of Engineering (ICE), but struggle to adjust to the competitive academic environment. Farhan is a photography enthusiast who only chose engineering to placate his father, whilst Raju lacks confidence. Their quirky roommate, Rancho, on the other hand, is devoted about learning and excels in class. Rancho’s educational philosophy puts him at odds with the college’s faculty and director, Viru aka Virus.

The college is under the control of Virus, who maintains a rigid exam-based teaching methodology. Joy Lobo, a student who failed to make a deadline and was denied graduation, commits suicide by hanging. Rancho confronts Virus about the ICE kids’ inappropriate coercion. The trio gate-crashes a wedding one night, only to discover the bride is none other than Virus’s daughter Mona. Farhan and Raju are furious when Virus informs them that Rancho hails from a wealthy family, unlike them, and hence would be unaffected by any potential consequences.

Raju then separates himself from Rancho by heading to a room with Chatur, who is competitive, egotistical, and believes in memorising as a method of learning. When Raju’s disabled father has a medical emergency on the eve of examinations, Rancho saves his life with the help of Virus’ younger daughter Pia. Rancho, despite his distaste for the college’s academic structure, is shown to have won the college’s rankings at the conclusion of the year, while Farhan and Raju continue to slip behind.

Years later, the group is getting ready to graduate. Farhan and Raju tell Rancho about their flaws and the reasons for their poor performance one night while inebriated. The three of them break into Virus’ house on a dare that if he professes his feelings to Pia, they would face their troubles. Virus spots Raju during their escape and gives him a deadline to either accuse his buddies or face expulsion. Raju attempts suicide, but thanks to the support and care of his friends and family, he survives and recovers.

Raju succeeds in a job interview after gaining a new outlook on life, while Farhan receives an apprenticeship offer from his favourite nature photographer and persuades his father of his decision. Virus, furious at having been proven wrong about the trio’s chances, tries to ruin Raju’s chances of success by administering an unfairly difficult exam.

Rancho and Farhan break into Virus’ office with Pia’s help and steal the exam paper. Raju refuses to cheat, but the trio is discovered and expelled. 
Pia confronts her father about her brother’s suicide, which was precipitated by Virus’s same pressure. Mona, who is expecting, goes into labour that night during rainfall that causes severe floods and power outages. 
Because they can’t get to a hospital, Rancho and the other students utilise their engineering skills to convert vacuum machine into ventouse and 
deliver the baby with Pia’s help Rancho is recognised as an exceptional student by Virus, who hands him very rare Space Pen and lifts the trio’s 
expulsions. On graduation day, Rancho leaves and is never seen by his 
friends again.
Raju and Farhan are now successful in their occupations after ten years. 
Chatur, who is now vice president at reputable firm, contacts them to remind them of wager he made with Rancho over who would be more successful. They set out to find him since he claims to know where he is. 
When they arrive at Rancho’s house, they are greeted by completely different man, Ranchhoddas Chanchad, who claims to have Rancho’s ICE degree. The “Rancho” at ICE, he reveals, was his family’s gardener’s son, who was tasked with finishing the real Ranchoddas’ academics for him. Once this was done, Rancho, who was more interested in learning than about status, returned home and cut off all contact with his ICE friends as was the deal with Ranchoddas’s father. Ranchoddas gives them Rancho’s actual address.

Farhan and Raju hijack Pia’s wedding to her shallow, materialistic boyfriend Suhas (Sanjay Lafont) on their way there and take her with them. Pia is enraged by Rancho’s abrupt departure, yet she longs to see him again.

The gang is surprised to find a thriving engineering school in the Himalayas at Rancho’s address in Ladakh. They reconnect with Rancho after discovering that he has kept up with their jobs. Rancho reveals that he still has feelings for Pia. Rancho reveals his real name is Phunsukh Wangdu, a successful scientist and inventor who Chatur’s company is interested in. Chatur assumes Rancho is a lowly schoolteacher and mocks him. Chatur, stunned, concedes defeat.

My Opinion

Now, I called 3 Idiots “Amazing”, why was that? Well, from start to finish it is a masterpiece, one of the few movies you would fail to find any haters of. Amir Khan’s downright AMAZING acting, Rajkumar Hirani’s amazing writing AND direction go to show why he is one of the best to have ever entered Bollywood. Shantanu Moitra, Sanjay Wandrekar, and Atul Raninga songs were brought to this world in the voices of Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Swanand Kirkire, Suraj Jagan, Sharman Joshi, Shantanu Moitra, and Shreya Ghosal were masterpieces. From start to end the movie kept you on your seats, from the ups to the downs, I loved it all.



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