Asar-e-Inayat Founder

Charity Based NGO

IVYMUN 2021 Director General
IVYMUN is a MUN that is to be held every year, we laid the foundation.
IYLO '22 Vice President

International Youth Leadership Olympiad is an internationally recognised festival event held every year.

Pakistan's Legacy

Founder and Owner

WWF Pakistan Student Ambassador

I am one of the student ambassadors for WWF Pakistan.

First Lego League "Into the Orbit" Season - Regional

Won and qualified for National

First Lego League "Into the Orbit" Season

won, got the best programming award and qualified for international event happening in lebanon.

PMUN'22 ADHoc Crisis Committee

Won the honourary mention award.

DynAAMx Tech Studios 2 months internship

I interned in the company for 2 months before being hired as a full-time employee.

DynAAMx Tech Studios Employee

I have been working with Dynaamx Tech Studios for over one and a half years.

WWF Eco Internship 2021

Got 17 community service hours from this.

Mindset Ambassador

Mindset is an organization trying to help students achieve their desired grades.

UpSkill Brand Ambassador

Upskill is a career and university COUNSELING organization.

IHSSP Pre-Launch Organizer

IHSSP is a summer school and I helped organize it's pre-launch event.

Roots IVY Charity Bake Sale 2021

In the bake sale, my stall which I set up alongside my friends got the #1 in most sales.

Umeed Plantation Drive

Helped this new organization with a plantation drive.

GreenTeenClub Clean-up Drive

Participated in the GreenTeenClub's clean-up drive.

GreenTeenClub Awareness Walk

After a lot of sexual assault cases arose in Pakistan, there was a lot of victim-blaming, GTC did an awareness walk in a well known national park to spread awareness to people.

IVY's Got Talent IYLO'19

Performed Indian song "Pal Pal Dil ke paas" at IVY's Got Talent, no awards were handed out at the event.

Robotics Club President

I was the robotics club president of my college from 2021 - 2022.

Class Proctor Grade 4

I was the proctor of my class in grade 4.

Vice Head Boy

I was the Vice head boy of the junior section when I was in grade 5.

Roots Football Marathon 2015

I was playing defense for my team which placed second in the whole tournament.

Roots Football Marathon 2016

I was playing defense for my team which won the whole tournament.

ECORizq SportsFest

My basketball team which I was the captain of won the whole basketball tournament.


Founder and main manager of the Instagram activism page SocialWarriorPK.


I was one of the A Levels proctors year 2021 - 22.

GreenTeenClub Ramadan Drive

We did a food donation Ramadan drive.

Personality Skills

– Leadership

– Public Speaking

– Quick Thinking

– Creative Solutions

– Optimism

– Time Management

– Working with people


– Basketball

– Debating

– Photo Editing

– Video Editing

– Digital Marketing

– Graphic Designing

– Photography

– Voice acting

– Boxing

– Self Defense

– Driving

Language Skills


Community Service Hours

WWF ECO Internship  – 17 

Total  – 17

Academic Achievements

Certificate of Merit – Grade 5

Certificate of Merit – Grade 4

100% Attendance – IG1

Gold Medal – Grade 2

Gold Medal – Grade 3

Gold Medal – Grade 4

Gold Medal – Grade 5

Virtual Gold Medal – IG4

Clubs and Societies

– Robotics Club President

– Video Gaming Club Co-Founder

– Human Rights Club Executive Member

– Anti Narcotics Force Executive Member

– IVY Youth Forum Member

– Mental Health Club Member

– Photography Club Member

– Newsletter Club Member

– Blogging Club Member

– Astronomy Club Member

– Dramatics Club Member

– Adventure Club Member

– Debating Club Member

– Basketball Team Member

– Alongside The Youth Member